Remon Tijssen

Principal Designer, Prototyper, Design Director




At the tail end of 2018 Remon joined Uber's global design team as a principal designer working out of San Francisco. He works across existing and emerging services, strategic vision projects and helping to elevate the centralized design organization as a whole.


Kinetic Aesthetic

Remon’s Design studio based in the Bay Area, California. Collaborating with internal client teams supported by his team he created user experiences and products for clients and self initiated products.

A focus on what's next for a wide variety of established and emerging technologies, either focussing on a v1 product design or a future vision through well thought out design, typically supported by prototyping is at the core of the team.

Kinetic Aesthetic has worked for Microsoft, Salesforce, Unity, Facebook on v1 mobile product, large screen experiences, augmented reality and machine learning.


Kinetic Aesthetic launched its own product called Whorl, a playful art and design tool for creative exploration and discovery.

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2008 - 2016


From 2008 to 2016 Remon was a Principal Designer for Adobe’s centralized design group and the design leader for the Adobe XD Studio, a product and user experience incubation team consisting of designers, developers and product managers. Remon focussed on incubating new products and user experiences adjacent to Adobe’s businesses. 

Working with C-level executives, designers, product and engineering teams his work has touched a broad range of products and platforms.

As one of two Adobe Principal Designers, he has developed and brought to market several products, interaction models and essential contributions to Adobe’s ecosystems.

In this role he provided teams with design, prototypes, creative direction, design reviews, leading by example and was instrumental in transforming design at Adobe from an afterthought to a strategic method to move the business forward and create a culture of excellence.

Project Context

Remon has initiated this project with Adobe’s VP of Design at the time. Project Context is a user experience incubation project focussing on interactions for large touch screens and connected devices. This was developed into a successful enterprise platform extension for Adobe called Adobe Experience Manager Screens. Project Context has been showcased in Adobe’s creativity conference MAX keynote twice in a row and in Adobe’s Marketing Summit keynote. It was also presented and shipped as part of the Adobe Experience Manager platform. To get from incubation to platform product Remon worked with brands like Wired Magazine and UnderArmour who became early adopters of the prototype and eventually acquired the platform product.

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Multi-Touch and Mobile

Remon was the first designer at Adobe to conceive products, establish principles and design for touch. A vector drawing app called Adobe Ideas was built on this work, and shipped as Adobe’s first mobile creativity app in 2010. Now rebranded as Adobe Illustrator Draw the product has become a blue print for a series of mobile apps at Adobe adopted by millions of users and still works on its original design and framework.

The initial design for Adobe's first mobile and touch based creativity application.

President Obama's first public digital autograph using Adobe Ideas.

The years following Remon continued to design for a range of Creative Cloud mobile ecosystem apps like Photoshop Mix and Fix, Voice (Now called Express) and Illustrator Draw. On these projects, he led designers, engineers and product teams, supporting what has become a strategic business for Adobe.

MAX Creativity Conference

Keynote demos

Interactions around a Photoshop “playground” for touch on desktop are showcased at the keynote of Adobe’s creativity conference (starting at 3:30), followed by a “Studio of the Future” concept and demo focussing on creativity, productivity and collaboration on Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel screens (starting at 8:29) with Adobe’s and Microsoft’s CEO on stage:

Shapes and Shades

Conceived, designed and prototyped an overarching shape drawing concept for touch. A part of this vision was presented at Adobe’s Creativity conference MAX.

Selection of Recognition

Distinguished Inventor

Named a “Distinguished Inventor” by Adobe Systems, Remon generated 22 utility patents and 4 design patents of which 15 are currently issued by the U.S. Patent office.

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Digital Pioneer

Named “Digital Pioneer” and profiled by the FWA, an industry recognized award program and inspiration portal for 15 years.

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Playful Invention

Profiled by Adobe on his work and the principle of play.

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Play is the highest form of creation.

Skill minimizes friction in the process of play.

1999 - 2008


Remon Tijssen founded to focus on design and user experiences for brands, agencies, nonprofits and experimentation. Fluid's projects spanned entire spectrums of interactive applications, dynamic software, digital content experiences, games, toys, events and presentations. 

Between 1999 and 2008 Fluid created award winning and broadly published work for global and local brands in advertising, entertainment and cultural fields like: MSNBC, Nike, Adidas, Desso Esco, Heineken, Doors of Perception, the Next Generation Foundation, Lego, Nintendo, Novib, Orange, Philips and Steelcase.